The South East LHIN’s Older Adult Strategy

The South East LHIN has developed an Older Adult Strategy (OAS) that ensures that the health system evolves to best meet the needs of the older adult population by ensuring that services and supports address the needs of both seniors and their caregivers.

A key component of the Integrated Health Service Plan 4, the OAS is a broad strategy that sets the direction of the LHIN in addressing the need to enhance healthcare services and outcomes for older adults in the south east region. An implementation strategy will follow with a focus on the opportunities that support this plan, once they have been established and prioritized.



On June 27, 2016 the South East LHIN Board of Directors approved the Older Adult Strategy. The strategy will now initiate implementation planning, which is expected to occur over the fall of 2016. To read the news release regarding the Board approval, click here.

While the strategy development draws on the results of previous LHIN engagement, it was determined that ongoing engagement would help inform the development process. To inform the development of the Strategy, a Reference Panel comprised of system stakeholders - including patients and caregivers, as well as an Expert Panel - composed of experts in the field of senior’s health have been working with the LHIN.

For more information on the Older Adult Strategy and future implementation planning, contact Michelle Murray, System Planner at

OAS Vision Map