Integrated Health Service Plan

The following documents are links to the South East LHIN's Integrated Health Service Plans (IHSPs)

Nurse holding the hand of an elderly patient  


Health Care Tomorrow - Putting Patients First


A - Community Engagement Report 
B - ReCAP 2016-2019 Analysis
C - Addictions & Mental Health Strategic Overview 

Report cover for the third Integrated Health Service Plan called Better Integration, Better Health    


Better Integration, Better Health Care

Additional information, such as appendices and ReCAP 2013 - 2016 analysis, view IHSP3 Appendices webpage.

Report Cover for the second Integrated Health Service Plan called Reaching for Excellence  


Reaching for Excellence

Report cover for the Inaugural Integrated Health Service Plan  


Inaugural Integrated Health Service Plan

About the IHSPs

The Integrated Health Service Plans are written for the people who live in southeastern Ontario. These documents outline a plan that will impact the regions health care system in the years to come.

The plan depends on the extraordinary commitment and skill of the health care providers in this region, and we require their help with its implementation.

Working with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) for its support, over the next three years the South East LHIN will put the plan into action to improve patient outcomes, as well as health system sustainability, in South East Ontario.