Project Plan Development

During the public consultation and engagement undertaken for the preparation of our South East LHIN Integrated Health Services Plan  - Better Integration, Better Health Care(IHSP3), the South East LHIN learned about options and concerns of residents surrounding the delivery of mental health and addictions services throughout this region.

Overall, the south east residents, clients and patients, primary care providers, and current mental health and addictions service providers have all indicated that while the care received at any one provider has been very good, the current patchwork of providers and services does not serve the residents of the South East as well as it could. In particular, feedback from the community engagement activities has reflected concerns with: duplication of services, duplication of assessments (multiple story telling), difficulties in transitioning between providers, difficulty in accessing services, insufficient volume of services to satisfy demand, and the stigma often faced in accessing these and other health services.

Based on this feedback, it was incumbent on all members of the south east to address these issues.  Accordingly, the South East LHIN procured the services of KPMG to assist in the development of a project plan with the objective of re-designing addictions and mental health services across the south east region in a way that will build upon the services already being provided and achieve greater efficiencies that will improve access to quality care. This move is in keeping with the Ministry’s vision and best practices for mental health & addictions as articulated in their 10-Year Mental Health and Addictions Strategy, “Every Door is the Right Door.”

KPMG worked with the South East LHIN to facilitate engagement sessions with clients, clinicians, and current providers of mental health and addiction services in our region. Comment and input from stakeholders, health service providers, and key constituents across our region was sought and considered. The Project Plan also takes into account current and emerging leading practices in the field. The SE LHIN Executive Committee approved the Project Plan on April 3, 2013 (please see attached Project Plan for your review).  The “Project Plan to Support the Transformative Redesign of the Mental Health and Addiction Services for the Future in the South East Region by 2015/16” begins with a strong emphasis on the ‘need for change’. The Project Plan, shaped by the comment and input heard, insight, and leading best practices, was utilized to launch the redesign of the Addictions and Mental Health sector with the objective of developing a seamless experience for clients/patients. It includes an overview of the agencies and services that exist in our sector, current collaborations, ongoing initiatives, and data outlining the present and future needs of clients in the region.

Critical feedback from the engagement sessions was also included to reinforce what is working well in our sector, what needs improvement, and what an ‘ideal’ experience in a future Mental Health and Addictions sector would look like.  Direct client stories outlining their experience with the health care sector and the community were included to ensure that their ‘voice’ is present and maintained throughout the development of the re-design. The system outcome goals and detailed project plan complete the report and provide procedures, guidance and recommendations on how to proceed with the development of the re-design plan.