Implementation Phase

Following the agreement by the South East LHIN board in December 2014 to support the amalgamations of the seven Addictions and Mental Health (AMH) agencies in the South East to three agencies, the new agencies hired interim CEOs and moved forward with the work to complete their corporate amalgamation in April 2015. Addictions and Mental Health Services – Hastings Prince Edward; Addiction and Mental Health Services, Kingston Frontenac Lennox Addington; and Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Addictions and Mental Health have initiated the groundwork to successfully deliver the service components of the new system. 

The creation of a Strategic Alliance which is made up of members from the three new agencies, Peer Support South East Ontario, and Providence Care Regional Services was also part of the implementation phase. The Strategic Alliance will advocate for the ‘Ideal Individual Experience’ across the health care system and engage local and provincial partners to ultimately improve access to care and enable clients to feel supported in their communities.
On May 26th, 2015, the South East LHIN hosted the first meeting with providers involved in Part C of the Addictions and Mental Health (AMH) Redesign. Part C involves the development of a new contracting relationship between Schedule 1 Facilities, small specialty agencies and the three new geographic AMH agencies. This process will enable more seamless transitions between hospital and community, and enable the new agencies to begin to provide a comprehensive basket of services for clients and their caregivers. 

Over the next six months, working groups will focus on developing a common contracting template and defining the components needed to create a comprehensive schedule of services to be procured by the three new AMH agencies. Hospitals with Schedule 1 Facilities will work together to identify areas for continuity and consistency for clients and caregivers as they develop the schedules for the contracts. Small specialty agencies will work together to identify how they will contract with the new agencies to provide specialized services for specific client needs (e.g. youth, sexual assault support etc.).

The LHIN has begun having discussions with specific agencies involved in Part B to determine the next steps and the components needed to complete the implementation plan. Part B involves the service/funding adjustments for specific hospitals and agencies in the SE LHIN region. In the current AMH system, there are a number of programs and services that are provided by hospitals that do not require hospital premises. In addition, there are a number of agencies that provide a very small component of the common basket of services. The refined Addictions and Mental Health model reflects that the new AMH agency will be funded for providing all components of the “Core Basket of Services”. Once the Part B implementation is complete, hospitals and other specialist providers involved in this phase will no longer be directly funded to provide these types of services.