Addictions and Mental Health

People with mental health issues and addictions are among the most vulnerable people in our society. Approximately 20 percent of Ontarians experience a mental health or addiction problem at one time or another. They must battle not only the illness but the stigma that surrounds it.

Ontario has developed a long-term comprehensive addictions and mental health strategy called Open Minds, Healthy Minds, which LHINs will be helping to implement. The plan has four main priorities:

  • Improve mental health and well-being for all Ontarians;
  • Create healthy, resilient, inclusive communities;
  • Identify and intervene in mental health and addictions problems early;
  • Provide timely, high quality, integrated, person-directed health and other human services.

The Client Design

A graphic image of the new path clients will take within the Addictions and Mental Health system in the South East LHIN.