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Shared Health Integrated Information Portal (SHIIP) 

As of April 2019, SHIIP, which previously stood for the South East Health Integrated Information Portal, had a name change to Shared Health Integrated Information Portal to better reflect the current state, growth and usage of SHIIP.

SHIIP is a portal-based technology solution that enhances individual patient care while providing real-time feedback and summarized data to help plan care. It has more than 650 registered users in the South East and Erie St. Clair LHIN communities.

SHIIP automates the identification of complex/high-needs patients, and generates patient risk scores to indicate the likelihood of hospital readmission or other health service needs. Through specific patient and provider matching, SHIIP makes this information available to providers who need to know while maintaining patient confidentiality.Some examples of the data that can be accessed by clinicians and other providers include: patient profiles, Health Link coordinated care plans, recent visits to hospital and health care activity taking place in the community. Work is under way to integrate home and community care data into SHIIP, with a projected release date in June 2019.


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SHIIP is innovative:

  • Assesses and predicts patient’s service needs.
  • Sends notifications and alerts when patients access health care.
  • Creates a Watch List for easy access and action for selected patients.
  • Natural language processor for diagnosing reasons for hospital visits.

The SHIIP advantage

For patients:

  • Greater confidence that your care team is informed of your health care needs.
  • Decreased need for patients to repeat information. 
  • Improved coordinated care planning.
  • Comprehensive information available at point of care.

For providers:

  • Notifications and alerts about patient health care status.
  • Greater and timelier access to information from multiple sources.
  • Greater sense of collaboration on the Health Links Coordinated Care Plan.
  • Greater support for clinical decision making.
  • Sharing of key clinical information with care providers.
  • Simplified information collection and care overview.

For the health care system:

  • Improved patient experience.
  • Improved flow of information between providers.
  • Decreased utilization of hospital resources.
  • To stay fully updated on SHIIP's progress.

What sets SHIIP apart?

  • SHIIP pulls data that identifies complex patients that need care.
  • SHIIP pulls a subset of data from multiple provider sectors to support care and coordination.
  • Presents data using a structured format for easy access and analysis.
  • Generates key health measures to facilitate informed decisions.


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“SHIIP helps to break down siloes and barriers because it has information from across the continuum of care. It is intelligent. It’s the only tool that identifies at-risk patients.”


SHIIP Updates 

The SHIIP Overview - downloadable information resource


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