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South East Health Integrated Information Portal (SHIIP) 

SHIIP is a secure web-based portal that enables health care providers to share patient data in real time, or near real-time, including hospital emergency room and acute care visits. The portal incorporates and connects information from existing technology assets, facilitates the identification of complex/high-needs patients and helps inform clinical decisions and care planning. 

SHIIP increases system productivity with improved access to coordinated care and ease of transitions between providers for patients, eliminating duplicated tasks and the number of forms required for clinician(s) to complete. 

  • SHIIP was developed by the need for a system that can:
  • Support the technology objectives of Health Links.
  • Link patient activity across multiple sectors in real time or near real time.
  • Evaluate and report on key provincial and regional integration indicators. 

The benefits of SHIIP:

For patients:

  • Greater confidence that your care team is informed of the care you receive from other providers
  • Decreased need for patients to repeat information 
  • Improved coordinated care planning
  • Comprehensive information available at point of care 

For providers :

  • Greater access to information from multiple sources
  • Greater sense of collaboration on the Health Links Coordinated Care Plan
  • More timely access to information
  • Greater support for clinical decision making
  • Sharing of key clinical information with care providers
  • Simplified information collection and care overview 

For the health care system:

  • Improved patient experience
  • Improved flow of information between providers 
  • Decreased utilization of hospital resources
  • To stay fully updated on SHIIP's progress


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