SE LHIN Enabling Technologies Initiatives:

ED CCAC Notification

The South East ED-CCAC Notification System is a joint initiative of the South East CCAC, SE LHIN, Kingston General Hospital and Hotel Dieu Hospital. It is a proof of concept project which following evaluation may lead to further implementations at a future date. An automated notification system is to be designed and implemented in SE LHIN region to improve communication and coordination between the South East CCAC and SE LHIN hospital emergency department (ED) staff to allow more timely identification and response to the care and support needs of CCAC clients presenting to the ED. Limiting the scope to KGH and HDH to start will allow the ED Notification System to be thoroughly tested and improvements made prior to decisions regarding implementation to the other hospitals across the region. The first phase will focus on evaluating the system’s capacity to identify targeted populations and interventions that provide high value to the client and the system.

How will this benefit the South East LHIN Healthcare System? 

  • Active (current) CCAC clients will be identified in the ED and CCAC Care Coordinators (CC) and ED staff will be notified in a timely way.
  • Potential reduction in lost staff time going to homes when client in ED, increased efficiency in use of resources/ cost savings.
  • More options for ED physicians and nurses – such as coordinating with CCAC staff for supported discharge - avoiding admission if appropriate.
  • Enhanced awareness, collaboration & communication between CCAC and SE hospitals
  • Better understanding of client populations presenting to the ED
  • Potential reduced wait time in ED &/or avoided admission for patients requiring adjusted care plans to support discharge.
Hospital Integration System (HIS)

A Hospital Information System is a comprehensive and integrated IT tool which is used to manage the medical, administrative, and financial aspects of hospital services.  To drive efficiencies and savings in both capital and operational costs, local hospitals within the South East LHIN are cooperating on a new level to converge their separate systems into a consolidated common one. Once complete, The new system will result in the use of common data standards across the region, as well as simplification of shared access to patient records across the participating sites.

Regional Clinical Document Repository (CDR)

The Clinical Document Repository will be a regional repository of the key patient records that are most commonly shared among healthcare providers across the continuum of care for those patients.  This is a key component towards the development of an electronic health record for citizens of Eastern Ontario. 

The initial scope of the CDR is to enable sharing of electronic clinical documents from the hospitals directly with primary care physicians in their EMRs.

After a successful implementation of the CDR and integration into 2 hospital sites and two physician offices, the next phase of the project will extend the ability of the existing CDR to enable more hospitals and physicians to share electronic clinical documents.

How will this benefit the South East LHIN Healthcare System? 

  • Patient information will be more broadly available;
  • Patient information will be available in a more timely fashion;
  • Community physicians will be made aware of their patients’ discharge from that hospital sooner;
  • Improved clinical decision-making, based on more complete information; and
  • Improved continuity of care.
  • Reduction of paper flow between stakeholders;
  • Reports in an electronic form are less likely to be misplaced, not received, or misfiled; and
  • Reduction in staff activities devoted to filing, retrieving, scanning, sending and management of reports.

To read the Clinical Document Repository LHINfo Minute, please click here