Maternal / High Risk Newborns

CSR Plan Summary of Initiatives and Objectives

In support of a public engagement process completed in Spring 2011, these videos were produced to introduce each of the clinical topics.
Clinical Lead Eleanor Rivoire, who also serves as Vice-President of Clinical Administration and Professional Practice and Chief Nursing Executive at Kingston General Hospital, has been working with a team of experts to develop a plan on how to ensure the highest level of care for mothers and babies.

Please find the initiatives with the appropriate objective to follow, below:

Community of Practice/Network

To develop an inter-professional maternal/newborn network with representation that is cross-sectoral, regional and inter-regional representation that will guide and oversee the delivery of maternal and newborn services within the South East LHIN. This network will be involved in the development of performance standards, planning opportunities and building relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Alignment with Provincial Maternal, Child and Youth Strategy with a collaborative shared planning model approach; 
  • Identification, adoption and implementation of best practices and patient/family centered care priorities.

Scope of Service

To adopt a common set of definitions for levels of maternal/neonatal/newborn service will be adopted by institutions with the South East LHIN. Levels of service will be defined based on current services provided and client need. Adjustments to both staffing and resource availability may follow based on the defined levels of services.

  • Acceptance of definitions for levels of maternal and newborn services;
  • Common understanding of provided services within South East LHIN institutions;
  • Greater collaboration between institutions;
  • Provision of the most appropriate care in the most appropriate location by the most appropriate practitioner.