Emergency Department Wait Times 

CSR Plan Summary of Initiatives and Objectives

In support of a public engagement process completed in Spring 2011, these videos were produced to introduce each of the clinical topics.
A clinical team of experts, lead by Dr. Michael O’Connor, has developed a plan to reduce wait times, and is looking at how to implement it across the region.

Please find the initiatives with the appropriate objective to follow, below: 

Bed management/patient flow program

To ensure patients have timely access to high quality acute care as a result of: improved patient flow in ED, admissions, in-patient and discharge/transfer; efficient use of system resources and the adoption of corporate bed management policies. 

South East LHIN hospitals have a clinical utilization/bed management/patient flow program that is supported and enforced by senior leadership to achieve reduction in ED wait time.
  • Operational plans are in place for managing beds including critical care surge;
  • Senior leaders monitor patient flow and ED Length Of Stay (LOS). LOS targets based on individual organization action plan, if required, is in place.
Specialized care services

To have readily accessible and timely specialized critical care services for regional hospitals with a particular focus on strengthening the use of critical and alignment with soon to be released provincial policy on Life and Limb for urgent and emergent patients. To ensure the right treatment is given to the right patient at the right time.

Patient Transfers

To improve system for patient transfers (Emergency Medical Services and non-urgent) within the South East LHIN. Non Urgent transportation assists with the movement of patients between hospitals, Long Term Care Home , and sometimes to their residence using third party contracted transportation services.

  • Regional Transportation Protocols e.g. discharge plans, off loads, decision-making tool for appropriate transportation option;
  • Repatriation agreement to address surge and transportation;
  • South East LHIN hospitals-issue a Request for Proposal seeking a regional solution for non urgent transportation.