CSR Plan Summary of Initiatives and Objectives

In support of a public engagement process completed in Spring 2011, these videos were produced to introduce each of the clinical topics.
Clinical Lead Dr. Chris Simpson, who also serves as Program Medical Director at the Kingston General Hospital/Hotel Dieu Hospital Cardiac Program, has been working with a team of experts to develop a plan to improve heart care in our region.


Please find the initiatives with the appropriate objective to follow, below:

Network of Healthy Heart – Secondary prevention & CV rehabilitation services

To provide Healthy Heart – Secondary Prevention & CV Rehab Services with medically supervised programs for patients who are recovering from heart attack, heart surgery, heart valve replacement, angioplasty, angina, coronary bypass surgery or cardiovascular disease.

These programs incorporate personal care with health promotion and the prevention of illness as well family development. The philosophies of the programs include the principles of equity, access, empowerment, self-determination and inter-sector collaboration. An integrated network of Healthy Heart Secondary Prevention and CV Rehab Services with the two existing programs will adapt and evolve as required in keeping with the regional standards framework and new programs.

Network of Specialized Heart Failure Disease Management Teams

To provide access across the region for patients with reduced heart function/heart failure (HF) and their primary care providers to a network of Specialized Heart Failure Disease Management Teams - through a collaborative, service delivery partnership/shared-care approach with primary care providers, CV specialists, local hospitals and community groups - to provide standardized, guidelines-based HF assessment, diagnosis, and an intensive disease management care program followed by transition to primary care for ongoing care and for a strategy of self-management.
An integrated Network of Specialty HF Teams delivers specialized heart failure disease management programs and services across the region to build on the capacity of the existing Teams at Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) serving Frontenac, L&A and the Prince Edward FHT (serving Prince Edward County).

STEMI Bypass Protocol

To provide rapid access to ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) best care/treatment for a larger proportion of the population of South East LHIN – through expansion of the existing bypass protocol to that area within a sixty minute travel time from a qualifying ECG to arrival at KGH.