Expanding Physiotherapy in the South East Region

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has put funding towards improved access to high quality physiotherapy, exercise and fall prevention classes for 200,000 seniors and patients within Ontario. 

Am I able to receive the physiotherapy?

As a resident living in Ontario, you can receive the publicly-funded physiotherapy if:

  • a doctor or nurse practitioner has referred the person after an assessment
  • the person is insured by OHIP under the Health Insurance Act
  • you are within one of the following categories:
    • 65 years of age and older
    • 19 years of age or younger
    • recently been discharged from a hospital with a condition, illness or injury that needs physiotherapy clinic services
    • eligible for funding under the Ontario Disability Support or Ontario Works programs

What if I have a chronic disease?

If you have a chronic disease such as arthritis or multiple sclerosis, you can receive the publicly-funded physiotherapy at a clinic if you meet the requirements listed above.

How many visits can I receive?

Those who qualify are not limited to a certain number of visits to treat an injury or health-related issue. The number and frequency of visits will be determined by the physiotherapist treating you. Through an assessment, the physiotherapist will develop a treatment plan, and physiotherapy will be provided until you have reached your goal that is indicated in the treatment plan. 

If you have multiple injuries, this will be incorporated into the treatment plan and you will receive treatment for all injuries indicated.

Do I have to pay to use publicly-funded clinic-based physiotherapy?


Those who are eligible do not have to pay for publicly-funded, clinic-based physiotherapy. The funding covers the assessment, diagnosis, physiotherapy treatment (which includes on-site clinic use of equipment or supplies) and discharge report.

What is not covered is any recommended equipment or supplies for an individual for home use. 

When will I stop receiving physiotherapy sessions?

If you are receiving the publicly-funded physiotherapy at a clinic, your sessions will stop when:

  • you have achieved your goals that were set during the assessment with your physiotherapist
  • you can achieve the set goals in an exercise or falls prevention class
  • you can achieve the set goals on your own
  • you are unlikely to improve from any further physiotherapy
  • you determine independently that no further treatment is required

Also, the clinic can provide you with information to manage your condition and any programs nearby that can also help, which can include exercise and falls prevention classes.

What if I require physiotherapy in my home?

If you need physiotherapy in your home because you are not able to attend a clinic, please contact the South East Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) or call 310-CCAC (2222)

What if I live in a long-term care home and need physiotherapy?

If you are a residence at a long-term care facility and need physiotherapy, you will be provided with those services at the home with no costs. The frequency and duration of physiotherapy will be determined during an assessment done by a registered physiotherapist. 

Where can I find a list of publicly funded clinics?

The South East LHIN has posted organizations hosting the publicly-funded physiotherapy to the right of this webpage. 

You can also visit Ontario.ca/physiotherapy to find additional clinics or contact the South East LHIN at 613-967-0196.

What if I have more questions about physiotherapy?

If you have further questions about the publicly-funded physiotherapy in Ontario, you can visit Health Care Options website at Ontario.ca/healthcareoptions

Also, you can call the Seniors’ INFOline at 1-866-910-1999 or TTY at 1-800-387-5559.

For a printable version of this webpage information, view the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Fact Sheet on Publicly-Funded Physiotherapy (PDF)

Health care professional assisting elderly man to walk with walker

Publicly-Funded Physiotherapy Clinics in the South East Region:






  • Centric Health Physiotherapy and Wellness
    Phone: 613-389-2350 


  • Napanee Physiotherapy Ltd. 
    Phone: 613-354-3377 



Smiths Falls:

Sydenham: Trenton: