Board Recruitment

Local Health Integration Network Governance

Local Health Integration Networks are governed by an appointed Board of Directors and bound by accountability agreements with the Ministry. Board Directors are expected to possess relevant expertise, experience, leadership skills, and have an understanding of local health issues, needs and priorities. Board vacancies are advertised, applicants are reviewed by the Local Health Integration Network using a merit-based process, where all candidates are assessed for the fit of their skills and abilities opposite the needs of each Local Health Integration Network, and Directors are selected and appointed by the government through a Lieutenant Governor signed Order-in-Council.

Local Health Integration Network Board Positions

All persons applying to serve on the board of the South East LHIN must apply through the Public Appointments Secretariat (PAS).

For additional information, including a description of each Local Health Integration Network and requirements to serve as a Local Health Integration Network director, please visit the Public Appointments Secretariat (PAS) website.

The PAS website includes a full listing and descriptions of all government agencies, including Local Health Integration Networks, and a "How to Apply" section.