Our Vision, Mission & Values


Better System, Better Care


Design and deliver quality patient-centred health care


Building Human Connections

Making a positive impact on our people’s lives is what guides us.
Deliberate engagement connects us with our people and partners
towards a common goal and shared purpose. We engage with and
work in partnerships with others to provide the best health care
services to our people.

Serving with Authenticity
We are true to ourselves and our people and partners. We serve with
integrity and are genuine in our interactions. We build relationships grounded
in trust and respect. We listen and communicate with openness and transparency.

Daring to Innovate
We are courageous change agents that will challenge the status quo.
We will lead and adopt innovations to provide the highest quality and
accessible care to our people and community.

Pursuing Excellence
We are focused on accountability and sustainability as we relentlessly
pursue excellence to provide quality care to our people. We will learn new
ways of doing things and strive to continuously improve on all aspects of
our services and people’s care.

Creating a Healthy Workplace
Our people are at the core of everything we do. We recognize our people’s
accomplishments and value the work they do. We will strive to support the
wellness of our people.