Rural Hastings Sub-Region

The Rural Hastings sub-region is one of five sub-regions within the South East LHIN that represents a local planning area for health services. These sub-regions have a strong history of planning together, sharing resources and training opportunities, and working on common issues. While a sub-region approach to health service planning and evaluation has been in place for several years, the South East LHIN is now formalizing the sub-region geographies to focus on providing equitable access to health care services for the residents within the region, improving health outcomes for the population, and arranging for people to receive the level of care they need closer to home.


  • The Rural Hastings sub-region has an approximate total area of 4,976 square kilometers 
  • The population of the Rural Hastings sub-region is 35,290 
  • The Rural Hastings sub-region has a much older age profile than the provincial norm with 26.1% of the population aged 65 and over – this population is expected to grow to 33.8% by 2026 
  • There are approximately 27 family medicine physicians in the sub-region and approximately 95.6% of Rural Hastings residents reported having a regular primary care provider
  • Community Support Service provide an array of service beyond primary care – with many services offered in group settings
  • There are four Long-Term Care Homes with 397 beds within the sub-region

Rural Hastings Sub-Region Planning Table

Planning Tables include a cross-section of representation from: patients, families, caregivers, Aboriginal representatives, Francophone representatives, Primary Care (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners), Specialist Physicians, Hospitals, Public Health, Municipal Services, Home and Community Care, Community Support Services, Long-Term Care Homes and Mental Health and Addictions.


Director, Rural Hastings Sub-Region – Cheryl Chapman, South East LHIN

  • Dr. Carolyn Brown – Clinical Lead
  • Jeff Hohenkerk - Quinte Health Care
  • Catherine Ferguson - Central Hastings Family Health Team
  • Tammy Davis - Quinte Health Care
  • Janet Evans - Addictions and Mental Health Services - Hastings Prince Edward (Counties)
  • Emily Rashotte - Gateway Community Health Care
  • Lyn Linton - Gateway Community Health Care
  • Pat Dobb - Community Care Central Hastings
  • Jennifer Loshaw - South East LHIN
  • Michael O’Keeffe - Long-Term Care Health
  • Doug Socha - Hastings - Quinte Paramedic Services
  • Michelle Ogden - Hastings County - Housing Services
  • Veronica Montgomery - Hastings Prince Edward (Counties) Public Health
  • Dr. Piotr Oglaza - Hastings Prince Edward (Counties) Public Health