Sub-Regions: Bringing local even closer to home

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LHIN sub-regions were established to help the South East LHIN focus on smaller geographic planning regions, in order to better understand and address patient needs at the local level. The five sub-regions within our LHIN are as follows:

It is important to know that this approach does not determine where patients receive their care, or restrict Ontarians as they make decisions about their own health care. Integrated planning, better coordination, and improved care at the community level will better reflect the unique needs of patients without added bureaucracy.

Each sub-region has a strong history of planning together, sharing resources and training opportunities, and working on common issues. While a sub-region approach to health service planning and evaluation has been in place for several years, the South East LHIN is now formalizing the sub-region geographies to allow for more integrated planning at the local level and to support provincial priorities related to the Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care.

These sub-regions were formalized using the best available evidence, including patient referral patterns and feedback gathered from local patient, provider and community engagements. Health care service providers, patients, caregivers and their families will continue to play a role in planning, setting priorities and implementing improvement activities at the South East LHIN sub-region level.

Focusing on these smaller geographic planning regions, and by looking at care patterns through a more local lens, the South East LHIN will be able to better identify and respond to community needs while ensuring patients across the entire region have access to the care they need, when and where they need it.

New  Sub-Region Priorities

On November 1, 2017, members representing the five South East LHIN Sub-Regions joined together to identify top priorities for action. 
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Sub-Region Engagement: "Setting the Stage" (June 2017)

The following presentation covers:

  • The LHIN Mandate;
  • The South East LHIN: Bill 41 and sub-regions
  • Primary Care and sub-regions;
  • Home and Community Care and sub-regions
  • Public Health and sub-regions;
  • Current work and sub-regions; and
  • Enablers. 

Click here to view Sub-Region Engagement: Setting the Stage (PDF)

Sub-Region Consultation Process (Fall 2016)

As part of the South East LHIN’s commitment to engaging our stakeholders and communities, we reached out to all providers and governors in the region regarding an opportunity to attend consultation sessions on the development of LHIN Sub-Regions in the south east. 

For example: The session on Monday, September 12, 2016 focused on information gathered on LHIN Sub-Region planning and provided an opportunity for participants to ask questions. The information and feedback obtained assisted the LHIN in consolidating information as we moved forward. The presentation that was offered at that session and the session held on September 15th contains some of the quantitative analysis undertaken to identify the Sub-Regions and can be accessed below.

Presentation - LHIN Development of Sub-Regions


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