Caitlin Lavoie, Communications Lead for the South East LHINCaitlin Lavoie (den Boer)

Communications Lead

Caitlin Lavoie, Communications Lead for the South East LHIN, is responsible for the hands-on design and provisions of media and public interactions, and has been with the LHIN since July, 2012. Caitlin oversees the management of the communication team and ensures all activities align with the Corporate Communications Plan, CEO Goals and Objectives, and Corporate Strategic Plan. As communications lead, Caitlin acts as a liaison and works with local MPP offices, the Ministry and the Minister’s Communication staff and health service provider communications staff to collectively manage issues arising in the South East LHIN. 

Prior to joining becoming the Communications Lead, Caitlin’s experience includes;

  • Communications coordinator for the South East LHIN;
  • Working with the City of Kingston as a Public Education and Promotion Coordinator; and
  • Working with the Municipality of Prince Edward County as part of the Economic Development Department.

Caitlin has many years’ experience in communications and holds her certification in Planning for Public Participation.