Leadership Team

The South East LHIN has many leaders to guide our South East LHIN mission of planning and funding health care. To learn more about these leaders, read the bios below:

Paul Huras, Chief Executive Officer

Paul Huras

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Paula Heinemann, Director Corporate Services / Controller

Paula Heinemann

Director Corporate Services / Controller

Larry Hofmeister, Director HSP Funding and Allocations

Larry Hofmeister

Director Health Service Provider Funding and Allocations

Michael Spinks, Director Knowledge Management

Michael Spinks

Chief Knowledge Officer

Julie Rickard, Senior Administrative Assistant to COO

Julie Rickard

Senior Administrative Assistant, Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Sherry Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer

Sherry Kennedy

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Cynthia Martineau, Director Local Health System Development

Cynthia Martineau

Director Local Health System Development

Steve Goetz, Director Performance Optimization

Steve Goetz

Director Performance Optimization

Jacqui Prospero, Executive Assistant of the CEO

Jacqui Prospero

Executive Assistant of the CEO

Caitlin Lavoie, Communications Lead

Caitlin Lavoie (den Boer)

Communications Lead