Leadership Team

Executive Leadership

  • Cynthia Martineau, Regional Lead (Interim), Ontario Health (East) and CEO for the Central East, South East and Champlain LHINs | Bio

  • Shelley Dagorne, Vice President, Finance and Corporate Services, Ontario Health (East) | Bio

  • Lisa Tweedy, Acting Vice President, Human Resources & Organizational Development, Ontario Health (East) | Bio

  • Dr. David Zelt, Vice President, Clinical

  • Jennifer Loshaw, Acting Vice President, Home and Community Care, South East LHIN

  • Amber Gooding, Director, Communications and Engagement

  • Operations Portfolio – shared responsibility:

    • Steve Goetz, Director of Finance, Service Contracts and Corporate Services, Ontario Health (East)

    • Michael Spinks, Director Quality, Technology, Analytics and Performance, Ontario Health (East)

    • Philip Dudgeon, Senior Manager, Finance, Funding and Facilities, Ontario Health (East)

Executive Assistants

  • Johanne Kot – Executive Assistant, Office of the CEO; and Human Resources and Organizational Development

  • Denise Shannon – Executive Assistant, Strategy, Planning and Integration; Home and Community Care; and Operations

Project Assistants

Providing portfolio-specific Executive Team support

  • Heather Flindall – Project Assistant, Communications and Engagement

  • Cindy Shillington – Project Assistant, Strategy, Planning and Integration; and Clinical


To view the South East LHIN's full management team structure, please click here.