South East LHIN Leadership

The South East LHIN has many leaders to guide our mission to design and deliver patient-centred health care, and achieve a Better System with Better Care. 

Committed to planning, managing and funding health care at the local level, with coordination and delivery of high-quality home and community care services, the South East LHIN is led by a dedicated team of senior leaders, each with extensive expertise in their respective areas of specialty.

Executive Team

  • Paul Huras, Chief Executive Officer 
  • Sherry Kennedy, Vice President, Operations and Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. David Zelt, Vice President, Clinical
  • Cynthia Martineau, Vice President, Strategy, Planning and Integration and Vice President, Home and Community
  • Lisa Tweedy, Acting Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • Amber Gooding, Director, Communications and Engagement

Executive Assistants

  • Johanne Kot – Executive Assistant
    Portfolios: Office of the CEO; and Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • Denise Shannon – Executive Assistant
    Portfolios: Strategy, Planning and Integration; Home and Community Care; and Operations
  • Misty Peters – Executive Assistant
    Portfolios: Communications and Engagement; and Executive Team

Project Assistants

Providing portfolio-specific Executive Team support

  • Heather Flindall – Project Assistant, Communications and Engagement
  • Cindy Shillington – Project Assistant, Strategy, Planning and Integration; and Clinical


Please click here to view the South East LHIN's Management Structure (updated September 3, 2019)