South East LHIN Leadership

The South East LHIN has many leaders to guide our mission to design and deliver patient-centred health care, and achieve a Better System with Better Care. 

Committed to planning, managing and funding health care at the local level, with coordination and delivery of high-quality home and community care services, the South East LHIN is led by a dedicated team of senior leaders, each with extensive expertise in their respective areas of specialty.

Executive Team

  • Renato Discenza, Transitional Regional Lead | Bio | Email:

    Renato Discenza is the Transitional Regional Lead in Eastern Ontario (and managing Central East, South East and Champlain LHINs). Renato Discenza is acting as the CEO for LHINs in Eastern Ontario and supporting Ontario Health with transition planning.

  • Cynthia Martineau, Vice President, Strategy, Planning and Integration
  • Dr. David Zelt, Vice President, Clinical
  • Cynthia Martineau, Vice President, Home and Community
  • Lisa Tweedy, Acting Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • Operations Portfolio – shared responsibility:
  • Amber Gooding, Director, Communications and Engagement

Executive Assistants

  • Johanne Kot – Executive Assistant
    Portfolios: Office of the CEO; and Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • Denise Shannon – Executive Assistant
    Portfolios: Strategy, Planning and Integration; Home and Community Care; and Operations
  • Misty Peters – Executive Assistant
    Portfolios: Communications and Engagement; and Executive Team

Project Assistants

Providing portfolio-specific Executive Team support

  • Heather Flindall – Project Assistant, Communications and Engagement
  • Cindy Shillington – Project Assistant, Strategy, Planning and Integration; and Clinical


To view the South East LHIN's full management team structure, please click here.