South East LHIN Sub-Region Map

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The South East region extends from Brighton on the west to Prescott and Cardinal on the east, north to Perth and Smith Falls, and back to Bancroft.

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    Senior woman in a wheelchair grasping the hand of a health care provider


    Information on the fourth Integrated Health Services Plan

    Health Care Tomorrow logo

    Health Care Tomorrow Website

    Meeting the needs of our patients, now and in the future.

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    Health Links

    Bringing local health care providers together to ensure people are at the centre of their care

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    Older Adult Strategy

    Click here to learn about the Older Adult Strategy

    Patients First A Proposal To Strengthen Patient-Centred Health Care in Ontario

    Patients First

    Patients First: Strengthening Patient-Centred Health Care in Ontario

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    Addictions and Mental Health

    Improving the mental health and well-being for all Ontarians